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Loving People to Life.

Love is central to The Church. Our belief is that through ministry we can nourish ourselves.  We look to nurture a community of caring, kindness, and inclusion.  God and Jesus come to us and as The Church we must also reach outside our walls into the community as a spiritual center.

The essence of our calling is summed up in a single word: Love.

Community Outreach

The Church has many groups doing outreach to the community, find something that interests you and make contact.  If you have a group you would like to start you will find we don’t like to say no.
The Giving Doll

The Giving Doll

The Giving Doll

The Giving Doll was created and copyrighted by Jan Householder in March 2006, as a community volunteer project. When a friend's daughter became a patient at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, handmade cloth dolls were constructed by volunteers and taken to the hospital when she went in for treatments. As other need became apparent, the program expanded to include children in a variety of settings. Today, this non-profit organization is giving faith, love and hope to children worldwide one comforting hug at a time through the Giving Doll.

In support of the Giving Dolls a dedicated group of people meet at The Church to put dolls together. Making hair, stuffing and dressing all the while enjoying refreshments and great company. Doll projects can be worked on at home through out the month and brought to the next meeting for assembly. The group is very welcoming to people of all different sewing and crafting abilities. If you would like to find out more contact Joanne Crider or meet up with the Giving Dolls group at 9:30 am the 3rd Thursday of each month.

For more information you can visit TheGivingDoll.org